A brand’s credibility and trustworthiness are solely determined by its website design; a study revealed that about 75% of consumers judge a brand by its web design. In such cases it becomes challenging for brands to impress the visitors. Also, modern-day buyers are smart; about 97% of consumers research before making their purchasing decision.

To win the customer’s attention, increase sales, and maximize ROI, brands need to focus on developing high-end Web designs. An impressive web design should reflect the brand’s message. Here are a few golden tips of Web designing you can apply to upscale your brand.

Reinforce User Experience

If your website eases user experience, then your website design endeavors are fulfilled. People are Internet savvy. They look for seamless navigation from the start to the end of the website. Recently, Forrester conducted a study on Web design and found out that websites with competent UI designs have reaped conversions by 200%. That is, an impactful web design can drive sales for a brand, whereas, an unimpressive design will take away potential opportunities including sales.

Make An Impression

Online users always look for better options; they compare products and research before purchasing. So, brands should think out of the box and showcase their USP. By adding custom graphics and illustrations, brands can stand out from their competitors visually. Instead of having generic website templates, brands should go for custom graphics that could establish your cohesively branded web design.

Add creativity that reflects your brand image on your web design. Amid existing design templates, use custom graphics to project your brand’s uniqueness.

Go Mobile

Brands cannot deny the fact that most of the website traffic is obtained from mobile devices. So, your Web design should have stronger mobile integration. Moreover, Google penalizes websites that aren’t mobile-friendly, in its search results. If you fail to make your website design responsive to mobiles, then you will not only loose mobile users but also your website’s SEO ranking.

Colors Build An Emotional Bond

For web designing, the color choices make much difference. The color palette not only adds aesthetics but also helps build an emotional bond with the viewer. Each color establishes and stimulates an emotional and subconscious response. For instance, red stands for passion; energy increases the pulse of the viewer, and is apt for entertainment industry.

While choosing the colors, brands need to consider their niche, research on the color associations and effects. Kansas City web design puts all these factors on the front and designs impeccable branded web designs.