When you are at that precarious age where you are neither an adult nor a child, which is to say that you are a growing teenager, you have different interests in your life. One of the worst feelings that you can have as a parent is to be the parent of an unruly teenager that is not doing extremely good in school, and is behaving extremely poorly in the house. This is the reason why you need to set ground rules and bring up your child in such a manner that he does not become insubordinate as the day goes by. There are a lot of things that can help you to become closer to your child, and presenting gifts for special occasions might be one of them.

However, gifts for 14 year old boy present a big problem for many parents. For many, they have an instant disassociation with their teenage boy due to different kinds of hormones and other related issues pertaining to teenagers. Moreover, due to the other lack of communication between the child and the parents, the parents do not have any understanding about the kind of gifts that can be presented to their boy for special occasions. It is at this moment that you need to take a wild guess and provide some sort of electronic gadgets that happen to be the latest product in the market.

Electronic gadgets like smart phones are extremely popular amongst teenagers, and by presenting your boy with one such option as a gift, you would be able to keep them engaged well at the same time you would be in his good books. A teenager can be unruly, but if managed properly, the parenting does not take up a lot of time. Moreover, the teenager would also be able to engage in keeping direct contact with you at all times, ensuring that you will never kept out of the loop when your teenager is travelling to other places.

If everything else fails, giving the latest video games to your teenager might actually be a good attempt at providing a proper gift. There is absolutely no way a teenager is going to let go of video games to be played, particularly when it is sanctioned by the parents. So, that could be your Hail Mary attempt and getting a good quality gift to your child and your child actually appreciating the gift provided to him.