All of us need a job to survive in this increasingly capitalist earth. Without one, we won’t be respected by any Tom, Dick or Harry around us. Now, people might have two kinds of calling. Some of us want to work because we really like working or doing something, while the rest of us just want to make money to make ends meet, and splurge, if we have the cash. If you’re the first type, then this article is something you will hate, so it’s suggested that you press the back button and leave the page. But if you fall in the second category, and are willing to out in the effort required to get to the mentioned positions, do read on. The article elucidates exactly what is mentioned in the title, so read on. However, do keep in mind that list follows no particular order and is certainly not exhaustive.

1 – Anesthesiologist

When we think of surgery and medicine, the people we think of immediately, are doctors. We think only of the person who does the final work. We tend to forget the entire team of people supporting the doctor/surgeon while they do their job. While the team may consist of around 20 odd people, the one that gets the limelight in this article, is the anesthesiologist. This job or careers is one that pays really well, and one that sounds really simple too. However a lot of hours of study need to be put in before becoming an anesthesiologist so as to never endanger the life of any patient.

2 – Architecture/ Interior Design

Interior design is a subset of architecture. However, people specialising only in interior design are increasing in number, and so is the money made by the class of people. With an eye for color texture and balance that the rest of us can only look at, and appreciate, these people literally bring color to our homes. Thus, it comes as no surprise that interior design is a profession which pays a lot.

Architecture too, is a creative course. Bringing any building to life is something that not all of us can do, and consequently, it is also one of most highly paid jobs. However, if the firm is not very big, the income can be erratic, and that is to be kept in mind if you’re considering working in a small firm.

3 – Therapy

With the stress that we people take on ourselves, it is obvious that we’ll need a vent to let it all out. And this role is more often than not taken up by therapists at our workplaces. Thus, it comes as no surprise that these people too, earn a lot.